Apply Wonder 7:1:3 Fertilizer for a balanced root and foliage growth.
Flower beds
Apply 3:1:5 SR (N) or 8:1:5 for roses and flowers every 4-6 weeks.

Veggie and herb gardens
Apply 2:3:4 every 4-6 weeks, for good roots. If you are planting leafy vegetables like spinach, use a fertiliser high in nitrogen like 7:1:3, every alternate month.

Containers and indoor plants
Feed every 4-6 weeks with a water- soluble fertiliser, or use a specifically formulated food for plants like African violets, orchids and ferns. You can also use a granular fertiliser like 8:1:5 in single specimen containers.


General to do List:

  • Sow winter and spring flowering bedding plants like primula, pansies, violas, and Iceland poppies.
  • It is also time to sow slow maturing perennials and biennials like foxgloves, delphinium, Canterbury bells, larkspurs, sweet William, and aquilegia (Columbine).
  • Sow winter vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and cabbage into seedling trays.
  • Sow or plant celery turnips, leeks, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, radish, lettuce, parsley, Swiss chard and spring onions.
  • Protect newly planted seedlings from the sun and try to plant in the late afternoon.
  • Februaryis one of the hottest months and you should do everything you can to help your plants survive the high temperatures and drying winds.
  • Mulch your plants and water your garden regularly and deeply, either very early in the morning or late in the afternoon, allowing enough time for the leaves to dry off before nightfall.
  • Watering too late in the evening can encourage fungal diseases.
  • Shallow watering encourages lots of surface roots; deep watering encourages strong, deep roots.
  • Do not over fertilise your garden this month if you live in a very dry, hot region, as this could stress your plants.
  • Continually remove old flowers from your summer annuals to keep them blooming for longer and clean up your perennials as they finish flowering.
  • Mist spray your indoor pot plants regularly in hot dryweather and feed them regular