Flower of the month: Pink Carnations

















Prune back trees and shrubs that are growing too large to keep their size in check. Thin out summer growing

wisterias and clip hedges and topiaries.





Apply LAN (high in nitrogen and fast working) for a luscious dark green carpet.


Flower beds

Apply 3:1:5 SR (N) or 8:1:5 for roses and flowers every 4-6 weeks.


Veggie and herb gardens

Apply 2:3:4 every 4-6 weeks, for good roots. If you are planting leafy vegetables like spinach, use a fertiliser

high in nitrogen like 7:1:3, every alternate month.


Containers and indoor plants

Feed every 4-6 weeks with a water- soluble fertiliser, or use a specifically formulated food for plants like

African violets, orchids and ferns. You can also use a granular fertiliser like 8:1:5 in single specimen containers.



General to do list:


  • Water thoroughly once or twice a week rather than little and often to encourage plants to put down roots insearch of water rather than coming to the surface. Containers and hanging baskets still need watering everyday and sometimes even twice a day if it is hot and windy.
  • Hoe beds and borders to get rid of annual weeds.
  •  Keep your pond topped up with fresh water.
  • Pests love warm weather, so watch out for caterpillar and aphid infestations can be dealt with by hand ifcaught early enough. If the situation gets out of control you may need to act with an insecticide.
  •  Spray roses with fungicide to ward against black spot and mildew.
  • Deadheading roses and other spent flowers regularly.
  • Cut long lavender stalks, tie into bunches and hang upside down to dry.
  • Mow the lawn regularly, but raise the height of the blades if the weather remains hot.
  • Divide clumps of bearded irises and replant.
  • Chop poppies, lupins, delphiniums and geraniums right down to the ground once they have finished flowering.
  • Fill in any gaps in your borders with perennials.
  • Go for instant colour on your patio with a ready planted container.
  • Water veggies regularly in dry weather and keep harvesting.
  • Keep all fruit well watered especially during dry spells; mulching with organic matter will help reduce waterloss and keep down the weeds.