. Water thoroughly once or twice a week rather than little and often to encourage plants to put down a deep root system.
. Containers and hanging baskets will need watering every day in hot conditions.
. Hoe beds and borders to get rid of annual weeds.
. Pests love warm weather, watch out for caterpillars and aphids.
. Spray Roses with fungicide to ward against black spot and mildew.
. Deadheading Roses and other spent flowers regularly.
. Cut long Lavender stalks.
. Devide clumps of bearded Irises, Arum Lillies and replant.
. Mow Lawn regularly, but raise the height of the blades if the weather remains hot.
. Chop Poppies, delphiniums and Geraniums right down to the grownd when finish flowering.
. Fill gaps in your borders with perennials.
.Go for instant colour on your patio with ready planted containers.
. Water veggies regularly in dry weather and keep harvesting.
. Keep all fruit trees well watered in dry conditions, mulching with organic matter to help reduce water loss.